Should video game ports have individual pages?

Added Oct 28, 2015

If you want to understand where it all began, I suggest you read THIS first.

If you don't know what a port is, I suggest that you read THIS.

My opinion is that video games can sometimes be very different from one port to another. I mentionned a couple of examples ( see in the first link ). Like I said, some games can be quite different from one another. Some have DLCs other versions don't. Some contain more glitches than others.

There are also various remastered (HD) versions of games. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was initially released on Nintendo 64, but there is also a newer version which was made for the Nintendo 3D. It's the same core game, but with many different elements. The same can be said for a vast number of remastered games, which are part of some new kind of trend no one can deny.

The problem is that many of these games keep the same title whilst offering different content.

There are also games that are caught in between two generations. One game can be released on an older console ( ex: PS3 ) AND on a newer console ( ex: PS4 ). The game remains the same, but with a number of differences; frame rate, resolution, depth of graphics, loading times...

Right now, OpiWiki takes the "original" game and mixes all versions together. So, when you vote for a game you've played on PlayStation, you also vote for the Xbox or PC version even though you haven't played it.

What I'm suggesting is that we completely revamp the video game items (pages), perhaps to the point of resetting the current ranking votes for all games which have been ported to at least one other platform. I'd like to see an item for each port. For example, right now we have


I would like to do:


This way, we could vote for the version we've truly played. In my opinion, the rankings would be more accurate. Of course, all ports would still compete in opi.wiki/ranking/video_games

I know this is kinda crappy for all the people who have contributed to creating and improving the current, existing video game items. So, as I am suggesting this idea, I'm also offering my assistance. As you may know, I've already made a bunch of items. If my idea is approved, I'll focus on (re)creating video game items.

I know Wikipedia is often used as basis for OpiWiki's system and that a video game has only one article on Wikipedia, but as you may know, they also show review notes/percentages for each port and they are not aggregated in any way. Most video game websites have pages dedicated for each port. Same for Metacritic.

I think only video games should get this "special" treatment.

I think it's important to do this right now before it's too late. OpiWiki is still in its early stages so it's better to fix this as soon as possible if we can.