As you probably know, video games that are released on multiple platforms don't always give the same result. Some games are sometimes better on certain platforms ( mostly on PC ). For example, Skyrim met with frame rate issues on its Playstation 3 port when compared to the PC ( or Xbox 360 ) version. Plus, the PC version offers modding tools, which the consoles versions can't offer.

So, Skyrim on PC and Skyrim on PS3 is a totally different game even though it's the same game, if you know what I mean. And this can be said for other games as well. Starcraft on Nintendo 64 was horrible in comparison to the PC version. Some FPS games, on their PC versions, let more people play in the same session when compared to console versions. I could go on and on. The gameplay can be greatly affected and thus the ratings can be different from one port to another.

These example are good enough proof, to me, that we can't have one game under the same rankings as it currently is now. Right now, you only have one ranking - "video game", which assimilates all the different ports. This means that whenever you vote for a game you've played on Xbox, you also vote for it on Playstation even though you haven't played it on Sony's console. I would suggest creating one item (page) per console version, like Metacritic currently does.

Besides, right now, the only difference between the Playstation, Xbox, PC or Nintendo rankings are the games that are exclusives or limited to certain platforms. Otherwise, the rankings we have at the moment are all the same.

Additionally, and it's a similar issue: The "Xbox games" and "Playstation games" rankings are kinda vague, if not misleading. I think there needs to be, to the very least, sub-rankings such as "original Xbox games", "Xbox 360 games" and "Xbox One" games. Because there's a distinction to be made with the Xbox brand and the Xbox console, which was the first console by Microsoft. The current ranking seems to blend it all together. It's no good, because, similarly to the first issue I talked about, there are games which are released on two consoles ( the old gen and next gen ). The latest Metal Gear game was released on PS3-PS4 and Xbox 360-Xbox One. The older generation version is not as good looking and has small frame rate issues whilst the next gen version is much better graphically speaking.

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Oct 18, 2015

I actually thought about it some time ago, but decided to go with a single rating for video games. The reason was that 1) it would create some redundant data and complicate the matter, and 2) if you sell similar but different products under a certain name, you better do all the versions good, or the name will be hurt. Going that way, we could start rating websites differently under each browser or device, or rate movies in both 2D and 3D. May be too much.

Still, OpiWiki ranks system would allow to get the average rating for the game (from all platform-versions), so No.2 is not really an issue. You can create a new voting, here on Meta, and ask users whether they want multiple platform-ratings for games.

The PC, Playstation, Xbox, etc. (games) rankings are useless on its own. The point is that in the future it will be possible to filter all game rankings by those ranks. For example, an user will be able to filter the RPGs ranking by the platform rankings.

You can add rankings such as PS4 games, etc.

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