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Oct 26, 2015

1. I agree that the link's appearance could be improved. To point it out, links to Meta are also on other pages (Info, Help, Feedback).

2. Drop down menus and search boxes are already there (the menus also work with each other). There's also the Customize button and menu. But I agree that the Quick category links and in general displaying the categories could be improved and will be.

3. The Other category is not really meant for browsing, it's rather for people who search for topics via search engines.

4. Poor Netik. Netik is cuter than the Android robot. By the way, Netik's color is by far the best color for the layout, so I just couldn't choose any other color. An alien seems like a pretty bad idea. I was thinking of an owl (any talented designers here?). Still, not sure it would be better than a robot.

5. That's of course a very good idea.

6. I'm not sure Kickstarter is good for projects that are already running. Also, it often restricts the creators to some extent. We'll see if it's possible without big money.

7. It's possible to create something like that. With full certainty, not long from now there will be options to invite people to answer topics, etc.

8. Good, please continue the great work you've been doing with the items. I think it's about balance. Both topics and items are needed to make OpiWiki exceptional. I think that questions are a bit more eye(and intellect)-catching, that's why they are a bit better promoted.

9. I was thinking about this some time ago and it was not easy to make the decision. I decided to not allow this because the top items would be much better promoted. They are better promoted already without this option, so I went with the solution that seemed more fair to me, and it was more in the general OpiWiki's spirit: quality over quantity.

10. Absolutely, already on my to-do list. (in principle, people will be finding items via search engines)

11. That's a good idea, "ads" will be improved.


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