Many websites have a so-called "URL shortening service" to shorten their links. For example, instead of, it can be examp.le/sh72km, thanks to such service. At OpiWiki we do things our way, as so, we have now a URL beautifying service: OpiWiki smartlinks.

Imagine we had the perfect domain for every key section of our site:,,, etc. At first it seems impossible, and if it wasn't, it would be amazing to have them. Here's the thing: we actually do have them, and it's even better - instead of the .com TLD, we have something much more appealing: .live.

These are the domains we have. Since now, every OpiWiki voting, discussion, opinion, and item (with rankings and lists coming very shortly) has its own smartlinks. An OpiWiki smartlink is an appealing or/and short link leading to a specific OpiWiki page. Smartlinks, usually two (more appealing and shorter) can be found on every content page of OpiWiki (votings, discussions, items, etc.). They're given in an optimal form, ready to be copied with a single click or touch. Why smartlinks? It's a catchy name, and the way they form themselves can indeed be seen as smart. In the future, it will be possible to cut them in any point without altering their destination.

I believe OpiWiki smartlinks bring our site to a new level of prestige. They will encourage our users to share their OpiWiki works, and seeing them on e.g. social media sites, it would be quite a "try not to click" challenge.

And guess what: it's not the final array - we have even more smartlink domains - they will be used for brand new, confidential for now, OpiWiki sections coming in a few months.

Go .live and share any OpiWiki page with your smartlink!

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