Hi, I just noticed there are some countries missing in the database... I'll add a few in the upcoming days, but before I do, I have questions:

- Could the "official" website link to the government website? I think so, but so far I haven't seen a country page containing a link, so I just want to make sure. ( Ex: Canada's official website would be www.canada.ca )

- Should we include a "birth date" for the country? And if so, should it be the day it was officially recognized? Once again taking Canada as example, it officially became the country we now know with its Constitution Act in 1867 despite the fact that it had been conquered many years before. Its birth date should be 1867, right?

- The current rankings are mostly for people who have visited or have lived in the countries. Would it be a good idea to add rankings such as "countries you want to visit"? I think so, because it would offer interesting graphs and would show the country's worldwide reputation.

If there are some details I need to know before touching these topics, please tell me... I'll be waiting for replies. Thanks.

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Oct 18, 2015

1. I think it would be ok.
2. If there's a clear "birth date", it's ok to include it.
3. I think it's a good idea, so go ahead.


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